In autumn we see that great beauty can found in change - Yes, I love autumn.

The last days or weeks were quite eventful. Time is running so fast right now. Although I’m getting up quite early in the morning, getting things done and planing new projects,  I’m laying in bed late at night feeling like I actually wasn’t productive...

We met some of our best friends and bloggers after some time we haven’t seen each other. It was great to have a real conversation and not only small talk. I hate small talk. Talking to good friends for me is a source of detailed feedback, inspiration, encouragement, and faith.

One of the most powerful factors influencing online success is whether you have support from other bloggers. Instead of seeing other blogs in your niche as competitors, see them as potential allies.

Blogging is not for the person who goes into it wanting to make money. You have to love sharing your ideas, talents and thoughts with the world. But, you have to have thick skin when someone doesn’t like your ideas or thoughts. If you can handle all that, blogging is where you should be!

I’ve learned so many things about myself and my style that I never would have discovered had I not started my blog and developed new skills along the way.

Let's Stay Connected! ❤️ Biggi