“A dream can take you anywhere.”

How much beauty could a sentence like this hide?

I can think of all the great things that come to you uninvited, just like that, they happen. There’s nothing in this world that can predict these kind of things, they are unimaginable and beautiful. On the other side, beauty could be found anywhere. From the simplest things like driving in your car in the summer night listening to your favorite songs to falling in love, being inspired… I have to be honest, I’m a dreamaholic. I see beauty in everything and anything. Also, I get inspired easily. You have to be blind and deaf not to see it or feel it. But not everyone is like me, I guess. This world is one big coloring book, if you know how to color, you’ll be able to see the beauty of it.

What is your dream? Do you have something that holds you, takes you through your life? I bet you do. Being a human is difficult. Not everyone is happy to have family, friends, education, job, etc. but there is one thing that holds all the humans alive. Can you guess what that is? Yes, it is dreaming. I love the sentence my husband wrote. It says: “A dream can take you anywhere.” 

Don’t you think this is one of the reasons people keep on living even though they lost their families, lost their jobs, homes, or anything they’ve been attached to? The power of their dreams keeps them alive. The power of hope that something they wish for will come eventually. I know it for myself. My dreams make me do better, harder, stronger in everyday life. They make me realize life is only one and there is no time to waste. You have to live now, in this very moment, because you never know what may happen tomorrow. Follow your dreams. Be inspired. Believe.

It is very important to get to know people you feel comfortable with. Round yourself with positive people and positive attitudes. Find people that make you do the best you can. This is the only way to happiness and complacency. These past few days I’ve been inspired so much and I just want to share all my positive energy with you. I know it’s hard to believe in better tomorrow, but at least make a “good” today. Start with the little things that make you happy. Step out of your comfort zone. Make a change. If you really want to accomplish your dreams, there’s no other way. Wake up and make your first step to the unknown. When you start waking up every morning thinking how can you make this day one step closer to your goal I can assure you that you’re on the right path. Give everything in and be patient. There’s no one who can stop you, but your mind. Don’t let that happen. And if you give up, don’t worry, the power of your dreams will pull you back. This happens to me all the time. I started writing again because I missed it. I don’t even know if there is someone who reads this, or likes what I’m writing, but my dream is to be inspiration for many of you. Don’t get me wrong, not in the way that you envy me, but to be inspired. I want you to connect with my writings, to find yourself somewhere in these letters, to feel like I do or did. I’m putting all in. By reading my posts I let you come into my world. This could have bad ending but why shouldn’t I do as I feel? At least, I would get to know myself a little bit more. And after all, I want to make you follow your dreams. It would make me so proud and happy to know that someone really got inspired by this. That is my dream. Everything else is irrelevant.

Dream big, work hard, stay focused, surround yourself with good people and leave some room in your heart for unimaginable. But before all, DREAM BIG.