Pandemic, social unrest and now war – what comes next?

Yes, it’s Sunday . Yes, we are in a global pandemic. Yes, this year may have been harder for you than any other year you have experienced in your life to date. 

And yes, despite that, you DO have control over how the negative things that happen— affect you. I like to think that I can control things. That I can predict things. That one day, when I am much better at life, I will be able to avoid negative things completely. I like to think that— but the rational part of me knows that is both not true nor will it ever be true.  

So the greatest power I will ever have in my life is the ability to control the lens in which I see the world through. My ability to— filter. Bad things happen. Hard things happen. Things I won’t be prepared for and would never expect will happen. But circumstances do not create reality. They merely create conditions. Conditions we can use. So that’s the real question, love. How are you using what you are being given? Because your conditions are everywhere. Waiting for you to see them. 

It, more than any year, is the year of PRESENCE. So, be there. In whatever way you can be, love. Just— be there.