06. Mai 2021
*Ad Buongiorno, beautiful people! Look at this... our breakfast this morning! We ❤️our new tableware from Marine Business! Harmony is an unbreakable tableware (colour: blue lagoon) The plates are made of high density melamine, are break resistant and dishwasher safe. We love the simple and elegant design and the appearance of porcelain. The glasses are beautiful, very easy to store, resistant to shock and unbreakable. (Important for me!) Check the different colors, see link!
03. Mai 2021
Wir alle brauchen jetzt tief empfundene Lebensfreude. Wenn wir jetzt in die Natur schauen und sehen wie alles massiv aufblüht, dann erblüht auch unsere Aufbruchsstimmung, unsere Kraft und eine neue Leichtigkeit. Hier auf Elba bemerke ich dies besonders bei den jungen Erwachsenen. Sie wollen die Rückkehr zu wahrer Freude und einfach nur weg von den schlechten Nachrichten.

27. April 2021
Buongiorno Italia! Back to Dolce Vita. The opening schedule is set for the summer! This is an extraordinary opportunity, not just for the economy, but for our social lives. Il momento giusto per ripartire.... Vaccine rollout begins to pick up speed in Germany, Austria and Italy. We are tested and vaccinated. Good news.... All the restaurants in Italy with outdoor seating are open for lunch and dinner in yellow zones. Italy will begin to relax its coronavirus restrictions significantly as part...
18. April 2021
Yes, blue water sailing became a love affair to me! Long-distance sailing is something you have to experience for yourself to truly understand. Nothing I had read fully prepared me for this. The distances and time periods are enormous – measured in 1000’s miles and weeks – and you need to decide on a philosophical approach to the voyage. You can treat it as a giant race and try to get the most out of the boat each day, focusing on goals like miles run or you can do the minimum to keep...

03. April 2021
Focus on the positive! If you’re struggling to stay motivated, then consider staying in regular contact with friends who are positive and tend to lift your spirits. If you’re feeling a bit low, it can be tempting to retreat into your shell and avoid social contact altogether, but a chat with a cheerful loved one can really give you a boost. Staying connected acts not only as a reminder that we’re all in this together – it’s also a great way to share tips with one another on how best...
27. März 2021
The ocean is under an unseen assault, hidden beneath the surface, demolishing the very foundations of life on planet earth. 🌍 Follow the uncovering of alarming global corruption and find out what "sustainable fishing" really is... Seaspiracy launches on Netflix globally on March 24th. https://netflix.com/Seaspiracy #Netflix #seaspiracy

26. März 2021
It's not about the bunny; it's about hope. Spring adds new life and new joy to all that is. The great gift of #EASTER ist hope. Jetzt geht es dem Virus an den Kragen. 20 Grad sind hier in Tirol und es soll so bleiben... stay safe!!!
07. März 2021
Each day is a new life, another chance to get it right. And life today? It’s a gift, not a guarantee. Read this if you’re tired of being tired. Live your life to the fullest and follow your heart, to see beauty where others see nothing at all: "I've always wanted to sail to the south seas, but I can't afford it." What these men can't afford is not to go. They are enmeshed in the cancerous discipline of "security." And in the worship of security we fling our lives beneath the wheels of...

05. März 2021
Ich bin seit 30 Jahren verliebt in diese Gegend der Toskana. Heute habe ich einen ganz besonderen Tipp für Euch. Nur 40 Minuten von unserem Hafen Marina di Scarlino entfernt, liegt der wunderschöne Parco Naturale della Maremma. Er erstreckt er sich auf rund 100 Quadratkilometern entlang der Küste zwischen Principina a Mare im Norden und Talamone im Süden. Von Alberese aus, einem Ort am Rand des Naturparks, kann man zu Fuß zum Strand „Marina di Alberese“ gehen und von da aus das Gebiet...
20. Februar 2021
Ski in & Bike out. Die Bike Season ist eröffnet bei 18 Grad! Gewaltig. Von einem Tag auf den anderen ist es 25 Grad wärmer geworden und Tirol atmet durch. Die Straßen sind trocken und es ist herrlich bei Sonnenschein auf die Gipfel zu fahren. Alle mal schon durchatmen und darauf vertrauen, dass der ganze Wahnsinn bald vorbei ist. It’s all about finding a way to shut out the negative voices and stay focused on what is important to you. #lockdownweeks #hotdudes #hope #alleswirdwiedergut...

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