27. November 2023
The aroma of tradition fills the air. For more so many years we've been baking together – a cherished tradition that has grown with us. This Christmas, as our children, now grown, join in, the kitchen becomes a canvas of shared memories, laughter, and the sweet anticipation of the holidays. The joy of baking together transcends ingredients; it's a blend of togetherness, love, and the warmth that only a well-loved recipe can bring. Here's to two decades of creating not just baked goods but a...
25. November 2023

17. November 2023
We invite you on a journey: to yourself and around the world ! At 50+, completely new possibilities open up for you. Use all your potential. We'll show you how and where. We give you valuable impulses for vour personal development and tips on where the most inspiring places in the world are. Let yourself be inspired, we are your travel guides. Find your inner map, your goals and expand your mindset. We look forwarc to seeing you. Biggi & Angela Wir laden dich ein auf eine Reise zu Dir und...
30. Oktober 2023
Are you ready to grow your community, create killer content & go full time doing what you love? CONTENT IS KEY IN THE ONLINE WORLD, FOR THOSE THAT CAN MASTER THE ART OF CREATING A WORLD OF OPPORTUNITY AWAITS.

20. Oktober 2023
When it comes to the freedom and flexibility of sailing, there’s nothing quite like it. The ability to drop anchor and stay away from the harbor for extended periods is a true luxury. However, achieving this level of independence from essentials like diesel, water, and electricity is a sailor’s challenge. While sailors who frequent different ports may not be bothered by these concerns, for those embarking on long-distance bluewater sailing, self-sufficiency becomes paramount. In this...
09. Oktober 2023
Honestly, it feels like we've been living in an eternal summer! Embarking on this journey has been nothing short of a dream. It's as if time itself has slowed down, and we've found ourselves living in an eternal summer. Our voyage began in November when we set sail from Gran Canaria, crossing the vast Atlantic to reach the enchanting shores of St. Lucia in the Caribbean. From there, we've explored the hidden gems of the Caribbean islands, each one offering its own unique charm and beauty. We've...

07. Oktober 2023
Captivated by the breathtaking beauty of Kirchberg, where nature's spectacle unfolds as alpine herds journey home from their summer idyll in the high pastures of Tyrol. Over 2,100 alpine pastures, 100,000 cattle, 70,000 sheep, and 5,000 goats make this an awe-inspiring Alpine tradition.
12. September 2023
Life's most touching surprises often arrive when least expected. We're deeply thankful to Nautor's Swan for documenting our dream journey from Tuscany to the Caribbean in their magazine. 🌟💙 #UnexpectedJoy

07. August 2023
An enchanting blend of nature and innovation awaits. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a history buff, or simply seeking a blend of old and new, Innsbruck offers an array of activities that cater to all tastes. For those who love the great outdoors, Innsbruck's location amidst the Alps provides a playground for adventure. Embark on exhilarating hikes through lush alpine meadows, take on thrilling ski slopes, or ascend to dizzying heights through cable car rides that reveal breathtaking...
29. Mai 2023
As proud owners of a Riva Junior, we have experienced firsthand the allure of these historic boats. The restoration of “Gioia” required 1 year of meticulous attention to detail, patience and dedication. Every time we set sail, we are transported back in time, embracing the spirit of adventure and luxury that Riva boats embody. The small Riva Junior, with its compact size and timeless design, has brought us countless hours of joy and admiration for the brand's heritage.

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