18. Januar 2022
Echte Freiheit gibt es gerade nur in den Bergen! Ist es Dir je aufgefallen: Wenn Du am Gipfel eines Berges bist und Du Dich weit ober dem Rest der Welt befindest, Du dich lebendiger fühlst? Man fühlt sich stark, inspiriert und ist einfach nur happy. Die Berge geben Dir ein Gefühl der Freiheit und lassen Dich Freude spüren. Es gibt keine Ablenkung, keine Arbeit, keine Besuche - nur Du und die Natur. Wir können so richtig abschalten und neue Kraft und Energie sammeln. Berge können eine...
12. Januar 2022
The ultimate plan is to cross the Atlantic this year so although we could spend a lifetime in the Mediterranean! The earliest time for our Atlantic crossing from the Canaries along the NE trade wind route is after the middle of November, as such a departure ensures that landfall in one of the Caribbean islands is made in early December at the beginning of the safe winter season. The majority of round the world voyages undertaken by cruising sailors are sailed from east to west for the very good...

31. Dezember 2021
A stunning, clear blue‐sky winter's day marking the last day of the year and I am looking forward to 2022! Today we live in times of real uncertainty. All of us, young, old, adults or children, experience new ways of facing daily challenges. We are living in an exceptionally challenging historical moment. We learned that no matter how much we control our lives, our environment and our relationships, everything can be transformed instantly, depending on the will of a virus that does not...
27. Dezember 2021
May your Christmas sparkle with moments of love, laughter and goodwill. And may the year ahead be full of contentment and joy. Even though you're far away, you'll be in my thoughts this Christmas Day. Sending you our warmest wishes for a very merry Christmas. 💋Biggi

21. Dezember 2021
50.000 followers on Instagram makes me realize how blessed I am and how many of you share our passion. We know that the moment you chose to click on the "Follow" button you decided to be part of our sailing community. We thank you for this. Believe in yourself cause everybody else does. Sometimes we are our own enemy and stop ourselves from growing. Every day, every day we wake up, we need to tell ourselves that we matter. Realize there are people you inspire to greater heights! This one...
19. Dezember 2021
What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future…. Oha. Viel los in den Bergen. Kitzbühel ist schon gesteckt voll, die Lifte alle geöffnet und das Wetter ist einfach genial…. Zum Glück findet man immer auch einsame Lieblingsplätze in der Natur!

15. Dezember 2021
In der weltweit höchstgelegenen Whisky Destillerie ORMA auf dem Corvatsch! Die Bergstation Corvatsch auf 3303 Metern beherbergt die höchstgelegene Single-Malt-Whisky-Destillerie der Welt! Im Rücken haben wir den Gletscher, das Berninamassiv mit dem Biancograt, zu unseren Füssen die einmalige Oberengadiner Seenlandschaft… Spektakulär! Die Höhe hat einen besonderen Einfluss auf das Brennverhalten: Auf dieser Höhe ereignet sich der Destillationsprozess bei rund 10 Grad tieferer Temperatur...
03. Dezember 2021
Servus 🇦🇹POWSTRIA! The lifts at Hahnenkamm will be opened tomorrow, on 4. Dezember 2021 @kitzski @kitzbuehel_tirol “2G-rule” (vaccinated or recovered) will apply throughout Austria’s ski resorts. Let’s go outside! ⛷🎿🚡

30. November 2021
Is the end of November a good time to cruise the Mediterranean? Feeling fabulous for our girls sailing adventure ! Sunset right now as we’re heading out to sea. Nice (France)- Tuscany (Italia) 100 nautical miles… On a sunny winter day, with strong wind and sparkling waves, warmly dressed …. Let’s enjoy a fabulous sail that might help take the edge off a long winter. Don’t forget to stick with the people who pull the the magic out of you, feeling beyond blessed to gain experiences...
28. November 2021
“Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go.” From the moment you step into the sleek, highly polished wooden speed boat at Venice airport or Piazzale Roma, one is transported into an intensely romantic world of eye-watering beauty and cultural infusion.

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