The peace and beauty of nature.

The ocean, wildlife, magnificent sunsets, the ever so changing weather - we're part of it all by living in the midst of it. I wouldn't want my life to be different in that sense. I've learnt to wake up with the sun, and I get tired when it's melting down in the horizon at night. I hear the waves lapping gently on the hull when I go to sleep, or you hear them crash violently on shore when weather is rough. My body and soul is tuned to the energies of the world in a way much different to before and it's refreshing to live right in the middle of the natural happenings of this gorgeous globe that we live in. The raw and unforgiving ocean doesn't make things up or pretend, it's just there, does what it's always done and will do so till the end of the days. There is something extremely relieving with living in a natural and unpretentious world like that. It is what it is, no one is ever going to change that. I love that thought. The purity of it. The sun will get up and give you light each morning, the water will carry you across oceans if you're conscious enough. The birds, fishes, dolphins and turtles are here for a reason and gives you joy and childish pleasure along the way and the sun will inevitably leave you each night. It's pure magic, and we get to experience it front row, every single day.