Inspiration: Live traveling, travel to live.

I think after spending some hours on my Blog Guest Taru Tuomi’s website I’m convinced there are two types of people : those who constantly dream of the perfect life and those who make it happen. Live traveling, travel to live.

People often ask where I get my inspiration from, and I always say I have no good answer because, well, inspiration comes from everywhere: people, places, memories.

My most awesome Blog Guest Taru Tuomi shares with us her life stories and how she overturned what could be holidays into new business opportunities.

Taru Tuomi:

Sometimes people ask us:

Where would you like to live when you are done with your travels? 

Most of the time we answer: Wherever there is sun and warmth, a simple, eclectic ambiance, where there is a direct possibility to feel free and unattached (on the water). There should be lush and energizing nature and it does definitely help if there's a rich culture, genuine, open-minded people and an inspiring history from which to draw inspiration. It is a must that there is enough space to breathe, to not feel congested. One must be able to hear ones own thoughts without having to fight against unnatural or materialistic distractions. Wherever and whatever that brings us joy, simplicity, peace and fulfillment - that is where we belong.

Having traveled the world forth and back literally since we were babies, we both know that home is not a physical place, it is merely a mental state of feeling. The utter sense of satisfaction that rushes through your veins when you've found it. It is where you can kick back and enjoy the moment without feeling stressed, annoyed nor empty. It is where your heart feels in harmony and balance with the surroundings. Where your brain gets the inspiration it needs to continue its everlasting progress and where the simple rhythm of the day gives your soul peace and comfort. Ones needs and requirements change as life evolves, and accordingly we have made a new home wherever we've went (traveled to 64 countries and lived in 12 thus far). What gives us some sort of steadiness in this crazy world is the commitment we have made with ourselves to always look deeper within our own hearts. To always strive for being real and trust the gut feeling. To always be curious and never stop learning about the world, ourselves and each other.