The Cycladic Style of Ios Island

Flowered gardens, the white walls, the blue-domed churches and the paved paths create a fantastic fairyland to walk around and admire beauty in simplicity! 

It was a Greek prime minister who ordered (1936) to paint the Cyclades islands in white and blue colours to symbolize the white wave foams of the Aegean Sea and the blue of the Greek sky. However, the white color of the walls also serves a more natural need, because the white colors reduce the sun absorption during summer months.

Ios yacht harbour provides fueling and water along with other fantastic services. Restaurants and taverns are located closely around the harbour. Just follow the sound of the music to find great bars. Like is surrounded by idyllic beaches with golden sand and pure emerald waters. If you would like to go sightseeing in Ios the Odysseus Elytis Theatre above Chora is worth a visit. Here you will also experience truly breathtaking views and picturesque architecture. The church of Virgin Mary Gremiotissa is the trademark of the island. It stands on a high hill above Chora and distinguishes for the palm tree on its side.