The breathtaking seven islands

The seven islands consist of seven small islands off the coast of south west region of the Gulf of Gökova. The beautiful little outlets and areas in between the islands make for an idyllic setting to anchor down and explore. One of the islands known as Kufre, is well worth swimming over to and wandering along its pine clad shores to look for the hidden farmhouses within the forest. No matter where you anchor along this little outlet you will not be disappointed. Along with some splendid coral reefs these islands form a chain. 

Picking a favourite spot to drop anchor is the most fascinating thing to do here. Among the seven islands three are located on the north and the other four are located on the northeast and southwest of the Gulf. Caution is advised while sailing as some extensions of these islands lie underwater and endanger the boats to go aground. The natural scenery of the area is quite breathtaking and charming. You can spend your whole day laying on the boat just looking at the pine forests by the hill slopes or the rocky walls of the nearby cliffs. The sea here is calm and cool almost all the time making it a perfect place for snorkelling. 

We met a really nice german-turkish family sailing on a Bavaria Cruiser 46. 

Half of the fun of sailing is the people you meet and get to share your passion with. 

Beautiful days with SY Sebi Crew .....

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