Don't let summer slip away— sailing is fun, it's safe, and it's good for your health.

Beautiful anchorage between Ile Sainte Marguerite and Ile Saint-Honorat (islands) about 3nm off Cannes.

The Îles de Lérins consist of two main islands, with two mini ports which are reached only by smaller private boats. The largest, Île Sainte-Marguerite, is full of hidden coves, tidal pools and tiny beaches and is crisscrossed by a network of well-marked walking trails. For divers and snorkelers, the waters around and between the islands are a marine paradise, home to scores of protected species.

Just over three quarters of a mile long and less than half a mile wide, tiny Île Saint-Honorat is home to the Abbaye de Lérins, where 20 Cistercian brothers live a life of solitude tending acres of vineyards from which they make award-winning wines.