The stunning villa and gardens of Ephrussi de Rothschild are breathtaking beautiful !

Home to a rich fine and decorative arts collection located inside a Belle Époque Italian-style palazzo and an incredible surrounding park that boasts nine distinct gardens, this gem on the Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat is a truly magical place.

It was built by the heiress Béatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild at the beginning of the twentieth century over the course of seven years during which ten different architects were hired and fired in turn, the whole thing eventually came together in perfection and served as her residence and party villa until the 1930s. 

You have to visit the tea room! It is so adorable and is so much fun after touring the house and gardens. The tea room looks out to the Bay of Villefranche. It is the perfect place to relax after all that walking and grab a bite or some coffee for more exploring!