Cellar in the Sea: Wines aged under water

Our social life is booming again and yesterday we were invited to celebrate  a special event. 

The sea in front of Talamone will become for one year the cellar for the aging of Talamo, the top red wine of Terre di Talamo, a Maremma winery of Bacci Wines group: 9,000 bottles on the seabed, at a depth of 35 meters (39 feet), where at a constant temperature of 16 degrees they will complete their aging process. 

More than a fashion, by now, the aging of bottles in the depths of the sea, has become a trendy enological practice, but also capable of guaranteeing interesting results, as told by the many examples around Italy and Europe. The reasons, technically speaking, are pretty simple: constant temperatures, darkness and the motion of waves provide the perfect conditions for the aging in bottle.

“Not only the constant temperature allows us optimal conditions for aging - explains Marco Bacci, owner of Terre di Talamo - but also the rolling of currents we are sure will benefit our wine. This is what I noticed after some years of storing bottles of red wine in the bilge of my sailboat, where at the tasting we noticed sensorial characteristics in the wines clearly improved”. 

Passion is energy! Terre di Talamo is a special place, we love the wine and the warm welcome of Marco and Bethany. Grazie mille per questa giornata meravigliosa! 

Kisses from Talamone, Tuscany