South of Sardinia: Spiaggia di Chia

This island idyll is a must-see: The sea here is such a perfect shade of pale blue it doesn’t seem real!

Caribbean-coloured waters, gorgeous beaches stretching for miles and miles. Sugar-fine sands. Grandstand views over the Mediterranean Sea. Majestic dunes, masterpieces of nature, forever whipped by the warm winds of the southern Sardinian summer. Lagoons. Migrating birds. Flamingos. Beach bars and great food.

South Sardinian food is exotic and colourful, Africa is just 120 NM away. Enjoy delicious grilled mutton, seafood and fruit, taste delicious cow and sheep cheeses, such as Pecorino sardo stagionato, or spaghetti with bottarga.

The sea had now turned into a darker blue, and yet the sun on the horizon would cast this striking orange light over its surface . We didn’t do much, nor talk much at this point. The scenery did it all.

A half moon of striking beauty. This little gem is right in the middle between the beach of Su Cardolinu and Cala del Morto. 

It is possible to take a tour of many of the beaches of this area alternating between a walk and a swim.