7 Things I wish I could have told my younger self!

I started my sailing blog in 2013, with no idea what it would become over the past 8 years. “Worldcruisingstories” has brought me to corners of the globe I never could have imagined.  It has brought me a community of travelers that I am so beyond grateful for.

7 Things I wish I could have told my younger self:


I would tell myself to follow my passion and my skills, rather than pursue the safe route embraced by others.


One moment, one introduction, one lesson, one decision can completely change the course of your life. Never say no to an opportunity.


Don’t be afraid to change course if your gut is telling you something. It’s those gut decisions that change your life. Don’t let negativity stunt your growth. I’ve never met a hater doing better in life than the person they’re hating on. 


Everything will make sense someday. So, for now, laugh at your mistakes. Keep going. And keep reminding yourself everything really does happen for a reason. 


I would remind her that—despite her limitations, flaws, and imperfections— she already deserves love and never EVER needs to try and convince others of this fact.


Do things before you’re ready. Better finished than perfect. Always.

Stop trying to plan everything out.

Nothing in life will go the way you think it's supposed to. And that's a good thing.


You are your own brand. Stay true to you. Own your own channels. Be unapologetically yourself. And get that brand to market.