Elba Guide

Months of planning and preparation are complete and we're off the dock and cruising again!

Sailing around Elba!!!

For me the year starts at the beginning of May. From here we’re on the up and things can only get better – or warmer!!! For the next six months sea temperatures will steadily rise, so don’t waste a minute – dive in now!

The historic center of Portoferraio a unique charm and develops along the side of a small hill.

We are not new to remote working. In fact, we are experts in it. But working while traveling isn’t for everyone. Step 1: Invest in your gear. It is the difference between work-life happiness or not. Our must-haves are a super fast, souped up iPad , noise-cancelling headphones as well as headphones that cancel background noise for calls (Apple’s seem to be the best at this), an a/c and d/c charger for my laptop, a waterproof phone case with an extra battery built in so that I get twice the normal battery life, and extra internet via iPhone tether and separate hotspot.

The hardest thing about this lifestyle is saying "Until we meet again" to all the incredible people we share our time with!

Happy days with these two 💕