Ponza Summer Vibes

“Il giovane cammina più veloce dell'anziano, ma l'anziano conosce la strada.” 

Das erste was ich mache, wenn ich auf einer neuen Insel ankomme, ist mit den Alten auf der Piazza reden, sie wissen den Weg! 

Ponza is the largest of the Pontine Islands, the string of tiny islands located off the coast of the Lazio region in Italy.

As you arrive with your boat, your eyes will be glued to the the green landscape, the fascinating rock incisions and the charming colors of the island’s characteristic port. 

During the reign of the Roman Empire, nobility built vacation villas on the island. When the Empire fell, the island was completely abandoned. It wasn’t repopulated until the 18th century, when the Bourbon Dynasty ruled over southern Italy.

In the early 1900s, many Ponza natives traveled to New York to make their fortunes, but returned to the island to retire.

Characterized by steep white cliffs and crystalline water, Ponza is a gorgeous escape from traditional tourism. Ponza is ruled by the locals. With a population of around 3500, Ponza remains fairly quiet for most of the year, and maintains a small-town atmosphere.

The island comes to life between June and September, when tourists flock from all over Italy to escape the Italian summer heat. Summer temperatures in Ponza usually hover around 25.5 C and rarely surpass 29 C. You can expect sunny weather with a side of sea breeze. In May Ponza has a relaxed, casual feel. Locals are known for being warm and welcoming.

The best anchorage is on the west side of the bay, well clear of the turning circle for the ferries. Anchor in 5.0 - 6.0 metres in mud. The anchorage is sheltered from all directions except NE to E.

With strong easterlies, Chiaia di Luna on the west side of the island offers better shelter. 40°53.620'N, 012°57.091'E