Mustique: The anchorage of my dreams….

Whether you’re an escapist, a sun-seeker or someone who loves the idea of exploring a new tropical locale, Mustique ticks all the boxes: creamy beaches, perfect blue water, a smattering of just-right waterfront outposts for drinking and dining and a nearly nonexistent crime rate. 

The natural beauty of Mustique creates the perfect place to recharge…..   

Basil’s Bar is a great place for a casual night on the island or a perfect lunch overlooking Britannia Bay.  Basil’s serves classic bar food with a twist and the menu can be found here I love listening to the local bands play and dancing at Basil’s.  

We love a trip to “town” everyday, which should be said loosely because town consists of Corea’s (the grocery), The Pink House, The Purple House, and Sweetie Pie Bakery.  Along the ocean you can pick out fresh seafood from a little fish hut and fresh produce from the Mustique vegetable stand.  Oh, and there is a liquor store open only when they feel like opening it, no actual business hours.

The island has a unique history, too. It was purchased in 1958 by Colin Tennant, a London socialite who spent the next 20 years transforming it from an anonymous spit of land into a glamorous hideaway for jet-setters, royals and celebrities. Britain’s Princess Margaret was one of the island’s first villa owners; before long, she was joined by Mick Jagger, David Bowie and, later Bryan Adams, Shania Twain and Tommy Hilfiger. Queen Elizabeth has made several visits, as have Prince William and Kate Middleton, both as a couple and, later, with their children in tow.

The only mooring allowed is in Britannia Bay. (Mooring Fee 220 EC$ up to 70 ft ⛵️, Price includes three consecutive nights)

In the age of social media, Mustique continues to strike a balance between glamour and mystique, regularly appearing in the pages of glossy magazines, but maintaining a level of inaccessibility and opacity to outsiders.

Mick Jagger's Mustique villa is located on the beach with incredible views over the Atlantic Ocean and L'Ansecoy Bay