“A mind is like a sail. It doesn’t work if it isn’t open.”

“A mind is like a sail. It doesn’t work if it isn’t open.” 

A sailboat represents your life. The hull is like your body that allows you to move around and do things. The winds are like your thoughts that fill the sails of your mind and push you from one destination or scenario to the next.

If we look around, the sea is filled with other sailing vessels. Most let the wind take them where it will. The sails fill up with any gust that arises so the journey through life is aimless and bewildering, since the destination is constantly changing.

Many people would really like to get somewhere. They just haven't learned how to operate the jib and the boom, how to lower the sails in a violent storm. Some boats glide along efficiently. They seem to effortlessly move toward a destination. I think we all want to be like that boat that sails effortlessly and purposefully. Let’s open our minds, as if our minds were sails…..

Merry Christmas, dear friends. Have a fantastic time. May you be surrounded by love and mindfulness, we look forward seeing you next year!

Biggi & Torsten