Barbuda: Absolute tranquility and seclusion

Crossing to Barbuda!

Once we cleared the protection of the reefs north of Antigua a big squall came through and the wind was very gusty. 

If you are 6nm away from Barbuda, you still can’t see it, it is a very flat island. It’s not easy to navigate through the shallow waters…. but look at the turquoise waters!

No boats in sight, but we do see the AIS of 2 boats anchored on the SE tip under Spanish Point. It’s too late in the day for us to navigate across Gravenor Bay, we can only do that safely when the sun is up and we can see the reefs.
So we aim to anchor next to Coco Point Lodge. We anchor close to the shore in 5m of turquoise water. There is a beautiful long white beach in front of us!

The beach bar "Shack A Kai" is located on one of the best natural beaches in the world – Princess Diana Beach. Enoch prepares awesome lobster on his Beach-BBQ, with fresh coconut water, finshed with a shot of rum. 

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There are not many weather-protected bays around Barbuda, except two on the south side, but in calm weather and prevailing tradewinds you can anchor safely and comfortably anywhere on the west side between the beach and the reefs, in excellent holding. 

Only in wintertime when a northerly descends, are you better off some other place. 

And if you want to explore even more of the island, where horses and donkeys roam free, take your dinghy or the water taxi across the lagoon to Codrington. There are beautiful cliffs and caves at the edge of the highlands and you can check out the ruins of Codrington Estate, the Darby Sink Hole, or one of the few restaurants where you can enjoy traditional local dishes including the best charcoal-grilled lobster in the region.

Turquoise waters, coral reefs, sea turtles, pink beaches, absolute tranquility and seclusion, a mangrove maize, nesting frigatebirds, driftwood sculptures, beach fires, caves, cliffs, a small quiet village, authenticity, good food, unforgettable sunsets, unforgettable moonrises: How many more reasons do you need to sail to Barbuda?