9 Splendid Beaches In Anguilla

9 Splendid Beaches In Anguilla

Covering 35 square miles, Anguilla may be small, but it certainly packs a beautiful punch. Over 33 flawless beaches stretch across its shores, offering access to some of the most serene beaches visitors are likely to see. Seriously, these beaches are so gorgeous, they may ruin other beaches for you.

With so many lovely beaches on offer, it can be tough to choose which to visit first. 

Our list will help you decide where to start your next holiday!

1. Shoal Bay
2. Rendezvous Bay
3. Meads Bay
4. Savannah Bay
5. Sandy Ground Beach
6. Barnes Bay
7. Little Bay
8. Cove Bay
9. Captain’s Bay

A truly exceptional beach hugs the shore of Anguilla's southwest coast. It, too, boasts the luminous turquoise water made famous in this region, and its soft, sugar-white sand is a welcome treat for toes everywhere.

Called Rendezvous Bay Beach, this lovely strand is one you won't want to miss.

Another northwestern gem, Meads Bay Beach is a wonderful spot to relax . This beach offers a wide expanse of sand so soft, it's actually challenging to walk on, but boy is it a comfy place for a nap.

Locals always frequent the best places, and they choose this lovely beach time and again. Actually, Meads Bay Beach has a loyal fan base both on the island and across the world. Yes, the vibrant blue water helps entice visitors, but it's the serene locale that keeps them coming back to this beach in Anguilla.

Luxury hotels like the Four Seasons have latched on to this beach's immense beauty, popping up between Barnes Bay Beach and this spectacular spot. The upside of their attention: well-kept shores, fine restaurants, and first-class spas. 

Anguilla was wonderful except for the fact you need a cruising permit to go anywhere except the main anchorage of Road Bay. The permit is very expensive so we preferred to rent a car for 2 days!