Setting sail for Culebra and Culebrita, the jewels of the Spanish Virgin Islands

Located just to the west of the USVI and BVI, the islands of Vieques, Culebra, and Culebrita dominate the Spanish Virgin Islands cruising grounds. You’ll find all sorts of habitats including mangroves, rocky coastlines, vibrant coral, and gorgeous caribbean sandy beaches.

Top highlights include hiking to the lighthouse on Culebrita, swimming, visiting the notorious target practice tanks on stunning Flamenco Beach (or Playa Flamenco) at Culebra, and witnessing the bioluminescence at Mosquito Bay.

As we made our way around the east end of Culebra, the island of Culebrita came into view. We headed over to Culebrita, and we anchored Ambra in turquoise water near the Culebrita Lighthouse.

The lighthouse is the only remaining Spanish-era structure in the Culebra archipelago. Construction of the lighthouse began on September 25, 1882, and was completed on February 25, 1886. The Spanish Crown built the lighthouse to help secure its claim over the main island of Culebra.

We set off on a 15-minuted hike that afforded some amazing views. We spent a long while up at the lighthouse, and we got some beautiful photos. 

Savoring a serene dinner aboard Ambra as the Caribbean sun dips below the horizon. Under the moonlit sky, giant fishes gracefully dance around our boat, adding a touch of enchantment to our nautical journey. Join us, where waves tell tales of the past, and every shore promises tranquility. 

Back to boat life, where the gentle sway of our Swan 48 becomes the rhythm of our days. Embracing the serenity of living aboard, the sea becomes our home once again.