Playa Playa Rincón & Las Terrenas: A Beach Lover's Paradise

When you think of your next sailing adventure in the Caribbean, surely you have pictured an idyllic destination, in which you will find remarkable beaches.

Do you want to know something? These places exist, in fact they can be found ! One is Playa Rincón and we are completely smitten with it. Want to know why?

Playa Rincón is a tropical wonder that you must visit on your trip to Samaná Bay. This is considered one of the best beaches in the world due to its turquoise-blue water, 2.5 miles of fine white sand and lush surroundings and can be found approximately one hour away by car from our Marina in Samaná

For a more authentic experience, head to the local markets, where the heart of Samaná's culinary scene beats. The markets are a kaleidoscope of colors, showcasing the richness of Dominican produce. Here, you'll find farmers proudly displaying their harvest, offering a chance to connect with the vibrant local culture.

Samaná, with its stunning landscapes, is a treasure trove for beach enthusiasts, and Las Terrenas is another gem waiting to be explored. If you're up for the adventure, renting a car from Porto Bahia Marina provides the freedom to uncover the beauty of Las Terrenas. However, be prepared for the driving dynamics – the streets can be chaotic, especially with the buzzing presence of motorcycles.

While the destination is a paradise, the journey may come with its share of challenges. Navigating the streets can be a bit of an adventure itself – be prepared for a lively mix of traffic, bustling markets, and the omnipresent motorcycles weaving through the lanes. Driving in Samaná requires a level of alertness due to the dynamic and sometimes chaotic road conditions.

Despite the driving dynamics, reaching Las Terrenas is a reward in itself. The pristine beaches await, offering a serene escape from the hustle and bustle. 

In conclusion, while the roads may pose challenges, the journey from Porto Bahia Marina to Las Terrenas unveils the raw beauty of Samaná. Embrace the adventure, drive with caution, and let the charm of Las Terrenas make it all worthwhile. 

Setting sail for Turks and Caicos tomorrow! Friends just touched down from Amsterdam, fridges stocked, and the passage plans are underway. Smooth seas and good vibes ahead!