Filming with an Insta360 on a Sailboat?

Filming with an Insta360 on a Sailboat?

Hey sailors! Here’s a quick guide to capturing epic footage with your Insta360 on the open sea, plus some underwater action with a GoPro:

1. Prep Your Gear:

   - Charge your Insta360 and GoPro, and clean the lenses.

   - Check the weather to ensure smooth sailing.

2. Mounting Options:

   - Use an invisible selfie stick for handheld shots.

   - Secure a clamp or suction cup mount to the mast or railings.

   - Try a chest or head mount for a first-person view.

3. Camera Settings:

   - Turn on stabilization for smooth footage.

   - Set the Insta360 resolution to 5.7K or the highest available.

   - Use 360-degree mode to capture everything around you.

4. Filming Tips:

   - Pan slowly to capture the boat and scenery.

   - Record action shots of sailing and crew activities.

   - Capture scenic horizons.

   - Use the GoPro for underwater shots to add variety.

5. Safety First:

   - Secure your cameras to avoid losing them.

   - Ensure mounts don’t interfere with sailing operations.

6. Editing:

   - Use Insta360’s software to reframe and edit your shots.

   - Add effects like slow-motion or hyperlapse for dramatic effect.

   - Edit your GoPro footage to seamlessly blend underwater scenes.

Get out there and film your sailing adventures in stunning 360 degrees, plus some amazing underwater shots! 🌊💋Love always Biggi