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30. September 2020
Hello from Tuscany (Elba)! Ambra started her first sailing season late this year due to the coronavirus pandemic and so we decided to extend the season until the end of October. Why sailing in autumn? Empty coves, vacant ports and buoy fields await you. Save hundreds of EUR. Boat rental and mooring at ports are significantly cheaper compared to the summer season. Stronger winds so you can enjoy proper adrenaline sports yachting. The sea is still warm and you can still enjoy a relaxing boating...
08. September 2017
The last days or weeks were quite eventful. Time is running so fast right now. Although I’m getting up quite early in the morning, getting things done and planing new projects, I’m laying in bed late at night feeling like I actually wasn’t productive... We met some of our best friends and bloggers after some time we haven’t seen each other. It was great to have a real conversation and not only small talk. I hate small talk. Talking to good friends for me is a source of detailed...

Marina di Scarlino
Marina di Scarlino
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