What if we stopped saying “What If” and started saying “Let’s”?


What do you worry about? When do you find yourself worrying about negative outcomes? Is it at work, when you doubt your abilities? Is it at home, when you question your parenting choices? Is it in social circles, when you really want to be liked?

If you can figure out your “what if” questions, you can start catching yourself. You can start ignoring the urge to worry about the bad things that might happen.

It will be a conscious effort at first. But before long, you’ll forge a new pattern of thought. One that is more positive, and less filled with worry.

And those things you were worrying about? I’d bet most of them won’t happen anyway.

So lose the stress — otherwise “what if” will turn into “if only.”

The alternative: Don’t think about what happens if you fail. Focus on what you need to do to succeed.