Having lived out here for some years now I guess we have a small idea of the impact we are having on our beautiful blue planet. By 2050, there will be more plastic and trash in the world’s oceans than fish. 

Do something amazing on World Oceans Day... or any other day of the year!

Celebrate the sea. 

Go to your nearest seaside and renew your love of our oceans, thereby fueling your motivation to take steps towards ocean conservation.

Reduce plastics pollution. 

Each year, three times as much rubbish is dumped into the world's oceans as the weight of fish caught. An immense collection of plastic debris has accumulated for hundreds of miles across the North Pacific Ocean in a marine gyre dubbed the The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Sustainable seafood. 

Use your influence as a consumer to make a real difference! Grocery stores and restaurants have the power to influence how sustainable seafood is fished or farmed, so support those that make the right choices. Show your love of the oceans and your local sustainable seafood purveyors by posting on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the big thank-you and tagging them so they know you appreciate them!

Clean energy. 

Inspire your community of friends and family by using your bike instead of driving, planting a tree, unplugging your unused electronics, choosing renewable power – to keep our coral reef and other ocean friends safe. Share your excitement that’s you’re going green for our Big Blue by telling your community about what you’re up to!

Clean coasts. 

Sign up to join a coastal clean-up or other World Oceans Day event. Often pollution is entering the oceans from the land masses – or being washed up by currents along shorelines. Either way, removing the debris from the coastlines reduces oceans pollution and helps people and animals who rely on the ocean everywhere.