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08. August 2020
*Ad The most important piece of equipment are our bluewater lifejackets from Spinlock. We like the fit and weight of the vests. The ergonomic deckvest feals really comfortable and offers all safety features. The lifevest has a sprayhood, light at night and ability to attach a beacon which will automatically release. We never leave the cockpit in case only one person is on deck , particular at night. We wear the lifejacket and beacon and use the safety harness attached to the life jacket. Beacon...
08. Juni 2019
Having lived out here for some years now I guess we have a small idea of the impact we are having on our beautiful blue planet. By 2050, there will be more plastic and trash in the world’s oceans than fish. Do something amazing on World Oceans Day... or any other day of the year! Celebrate the sea. Go to your nearest seaside and renew your love of our oceans, thereby fueling your motivation to take steps towards ocean conservation. Reduce plastics pollution. Each year, three times as much...

Marina di Scarlino
Marina di Scarlino
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