8 Ways You Can Live the Mediterranean Lifestyle

We love are the Mediterranean culture. One of the more popular references to living in the Mediterranean are summed up with a popular saying: “Live Healthier, Happier, Longer.” No doubt, these are daily objectives for which each of us strive and there is both theoretical and practical proof that this Mediterranean moniker has inherent value. Generally speaking, individuals who live in the Mediterranean follow eight simple principles:

  • Eat Healthy and local 
  • Be Hungry (for life, in life) 
  • Be stylish without too much effort
  • Connect with and respect nature
  • Find Time to Relax
  • Laugh Often
  • Enjoy Life and Simple Things
  • Stay Physical Active

Many images are conjured up when you mention “The Mediterranean Lifestyle”: diet, pristine beaches with crystal blue water, simplicity, healthy living and much more. These days, most people associate the Mediterranean Lifestyle with eating a certain way… but there is so much more that, of course, includes food. 

In reality, the Mediterranean Lifestyle is more about a way of living, interacting with others, history, culture, the importance of comradery, pride and social interaction.  

You are what you eat

Everyone wants to jump on the Mediterranean diet bandwagon when they hear about the benefits it has and the results it creates. There’s quite the variety of items on the Mediterranean food pyramid, so calling it a “diet” almost seems absurd. There are no food restrictions in the Mediterranean diet, which makes it a prime choice for those looking for a manageable diet to start.

Fish and seafood are a staple in the diet, typically with rice and grains or a chopped salad. There are also lean proteins like poultry—but in moderation. Fresh vegetables, raw nuts, and lentil soup are also on the menu.

The focus is on grains and vegetables, dairy, fiber, and lean proteins from nuts and seafood. It also incorporates olive oil, which is a main source of fat for each recipe. And don’t forget to pour the wine!