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16. Mai 2022
“Il giovane cammina più veloce dell'anziano, ma l'anziano conosce la strada.” Das erste was ich mache, wenn ich auf einer neuen Insel ankomme, ist mit den Alten auf der Piazza reden, sie wissen den Weg!
05. Mai 2022

22. Februar 2022
It's pure magic, and we get to experience it front row, every single day. The peace and beauty of nature! The ocean, wildlife, magnificent sunsets, the ever so changing weather - we're part of it all by living in the midst of it. The raw and unforgiving ocean doesn't make things up or pretend, it's just there, does what it's always done and will do so till the end of the days. There is something extremely relieving with living in a natural and unpretentious world like that. It is what it is, no...
12. Januar 2022
The ultimate plan is to cross the Atlantic this year so although we could spend a lifetime in the Mediterranean! The earliest time for our Atlantic crossing from the Canaries along the NE trade wind route is after the middle of November, as such a departure ensures that landfall in one of the Caribbean islands is made in early December at the beginning of the safe winter season. The majority of round the world voyages undertaken by cruising sailors are sailed from east to west for the very good...

21. Dezember 2021
50.000 followers on Instagram makes me realize how blessed I am and how many of you share our passion. We know that the moment you chose to click on the "Follow" button you decided to be part of our sailing community. We thank you for this. Believe in yourself cause everybody else does. Sometimes we are our own enemy and stop ourselves from growing. Every day, every day we wake up, we need to tell ourselves that we matter. Realize there are people you inspire to greater heights! This one...
27. September 2021
We love are the Mediterranean culture. One of the more popular references to living in the Mediterranean are summed up with a popular saying: “Live Healthier, Happier, Longer.” No doubt, these are daily objectives for which each of us strive and there is both theoretical and practical proof that this Mediterranean moniker has inherent value. Generally speaking, individuals who live in the Mediterranean follow eight simple principles: Eat Healthy and local Be Hungry (for life, in life) Be...

29. Juli 2021
Imagina a big rock of lava, eight kilometres long and four wide, with no beaches, no umbrellas, no traffic lights and clubs. There are so many “without” that is easier to tell what is on this island. A beautiful small harbour and a little village of small, colourful houses. One road, a castle, two towers, three policemen, a postman, two grocery stores, four fishermen, a school, a priest, many cats, so much lava, plenty of Mediterranean vegetation, fish and birds and some delicious...
02. Juli 2021
This island idyll is a must-see: The sea here is such a perfect shade of pale blue it doesn’t seem real! Caribbean-coloured waters, gorgeous beaches stretching for miles and miles. Sugar-fine sands. Grandstand views over the Mediterranean Sea. Majestic dunes, masterpieces of nature, forever whipped by the warm winds of the southern Sardinian summer. Lagoons. Migrating birds. Flamingos. Beach bars and great food. South Sardinian food is exotic and colourful, Africa is just 120 NM away. Enjoy...

23. Juni 2021
When you let go of the life you’ve planned, you open ourselves to the life that is waiting for you!!! Nature is a powerful teacher of presence. Notice the natural flow and the peaceful environment. Notice how everything is as it should be without force….
08. Juni 2021
Today is #WorldOceansDay, let’s celebrate and preserve our oceans for #sustainability . The #ocean is our planet’s heart. Our lives depend on it. So let’s make sure it won’t stop beating. A day to celebrate and appreciate the body of water that covers more than 70% of our planet. A body of water that is home to 94% of all species on earth. 💙🌊 💙🌊💙🌊 It’s time we educate people about the plastic pollution crisis, act and protect our ocean! *Ad #sweatshirt made by...

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