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06. November 2022
Whatever you do, don't bypass the bustling capital, the handsome and friendly port of Santa Cruz, in your dash for the beach on Tenerife. Backing onto a superb range of undulating hills, this wholly Spanish city is home to evocative, brightly painted buildings, grand and historic architecture, sophisticated and quirky shops, riveting museums and art galleries, a showstopping auditorium, flashes of bold and vibrant street art, and a tropical oasis of birdsong, fountains and greenery in the city...
22. Oktober 2022
Wir sind vor ein paar Tagen von Gran Canaria (Puerto de Mogán) aus bei herrlichem Sonnenschein und Temperaturen um die 25 Grad Richtung Teneriffa gesegelt (50 Seemeilen) und hatten einen Traumtag auf See. Ambra liegt jetzt sicher hier in der Marina San Miguel und wir treffen Segelfreunde, haben einen kleinen Mietwagen für 4 Tage gemietet und erkunden die Insel.

15. Oktober 2022
Hi guys! It paid off to wait two days in Gibraltar. We are in the final approach in Lanzarote after 80 hours sail in constant wind of 20 Knots from Gibraltar. Perfect sailing, great experience, delicious food, caught a tuna and had fun. Happy sailors need some rest…..
13. September 2022
The problem with sailing is the more you learn about it, the more you realize all the ways the ocean is out to get you. When you are new to sailing and in the middle of the Ocean on a 48ft boat, there is a lot to be worried about. What if the weather changes or what if there is a storm? What if something goes wrong, what if we fall in, what if we hit a container or whale? In everyday life, I tend to apply the rule that I can only worry about things that are in my control, the rest you sort of...

11. September 2022
Our long passage to Menorca We got up at 4 am, and we set sail in direction Spain 🇪🇸 Menorca Island. (207 nautical miles/37 hours) Indeed we knew we would have encountered pretty windy conditions up to 29 knots of wind and high waves. In order to catch the south easterly wind, we sailed first south west. The wind increased after we passed the wind shelter of Sardegna. Perfect time to go downwind with our parasail. Easy sailing but after some hours the wind blow over 25kn. To reef the...
30. Juli 2022
We spent 9 years sailing in Europe exploring the Baltic and North Sea, the UK, Spain and Portugal two years, France and Italy the next, Greece and Turkey after that, South Italy and Malta another year. It was bliss. Currently we are sailing around the south coast of Sardegna and it’s end of July. It’s time to escape the crowds… Next stop: Menorca/Mallorca/ Ibiza ESCAPING THE SUMMER CROWDS IN EUROPE ! Escaping the summer crowds in Europe is easy. If you can, avoid summer and travel...

05. Juli 2022
Palermo is a unique city where today you can breathe all the richness and variety of its long history. Hello from the mooring pier of Società Canottieri Palermo, in the heart of the historic center near the Vucciria and Ballarò markets and the Arab quarter of Kalsa. The Club has four piers for mooring boats, for a total of about 150 seats, mainly sailing boats. Most of the seats are reserved for members only!
26. Mai 2022
La Spiaggia del Buon Dormire beach is is one of Cilento’s top beaches, located on Cape Palinuro in the region of Campania, in a natural place with very picturesque views, among the mountains, surrounded by the cliffs. It is partially covered by trees which give natural shade.

16. Mai 2022
“Il giovane cammina più veloce dell'anziano, ma l'anziano conosce la strada.” Das erste was ich mache, wenn ich auf einer neuen Insel ankomme, ist mit den Alten auf der Piazza reden, sie wissen den Weg!
05. Mai 2022

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