Climbing Vulcano’s volcano

Today we climbed up the volcano.  It’s around 25 kms north of Sicily and is the southernmost of the Eolie (as the Italians call them) or Aeolian islands. There’s a 2.5 hour path and you need a hat, water bottle, sun protection, and good ankle support. All the way up we saw the beautiful view of the sea. On the way the landscape changed till we reached the crater with the yellow coloring, smoke and beautiful view. A really unique experience and the climbing is worth it. The views into the crater are excellent. 

A day on Vulcano can be a perfect dolce vita day: after the hike, have a long lunch, then relax at one of the island’s famous black beaches or hit the thermal springs.

From this point, it’s only about 100 meters left to get to the top. I have to say, I was so excited when I saw the crater! It’s such a unique experience…