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01. Juli 2022
Die Altstadt von Trapani liegt am äußersten Zipfel der sichelförmigen Landzunge direkt neben dem großen Hafen. Viele kleine Gassen warteten darauf entdeckt zu werden. Überall sind interessante Gebäude und Details zu sehen und an jeder Ecke gibt es die schönsten Kirchen. Mooring Trapani ist mit Abstand der beste Hafen mit sensationellem Service und ganz persönlicher Betreuung. Trapani zieht einen bereits nach weniger Zeit in seinen Bann. Hier einen kleinen Torbogen, dort ein überdachter...
26. Juni 2022
Buongiorno Swan 48 Ohana ⚓️Che bella sorpresa stamattina. Finalmente ci siamo incontrati 🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️2 Swan48 Ohana &Ambra !!!

21. Juni 2022
Punta Bianca – Monte Grande lies in the central area of the southern coast of Sicily and is the eastern limit of the Gulf of Agrigento. This hill of white marl and the abandoned house below it are the most iconic and distinctive landscape elements. From a distance Punta Bianca looks like a large spur of limestone rock in the shape of the prow of a ship that juts out and slopes towards the African sea, creating cliffs, gullies, valleys, coves, and sandy, marl or cobbled beaches. From the top...
06. Juni 2022
It is a little simplistic and maybe, all things considered, even somewhat obvious to say that Filicudi is not for everyone. That perspective might change if I said that Filicudi is a good fit for those who already love this island a little bit, even without knowing it.

02. Juni 2022
Today we climbed up the volcano. It’s around 25 kms north of Sicily and is the southernmost of the Eolie (as the Italians call them) or Aeolian islands. There’s a 2.5 hour path and you need a hat, water bottle, sun protection, and good ankle support. All the way up we saw the beautiful view of the sea. On the way the landscape changed till we reached the crater with the yellow coloring, smoke and beautiful view. A really unique experience and the climbing is worth it. The views into the...
04. Oktober 2017
Now we're off to Alicudi! Look at this fantastic anchorage..... We had a fantastic sail from Capo d’Orlando to Vulcano!