So long summer!

Honestly, it feels like we've been living in an eternal summer!

Embarking on this journey has been nothing short of a dream. It's as if time itself has slowed down, and we've found ourselves living in an eternal summer. Our voyage began in November when we set sail from Gran Canaria, crossing the vast Atlantic to reach the enchanting shores of St. Lucia in the Caribbean.

From there, we've explored the hidden gems of the Caribbean islands, each one offering its own unique charm and beauty. We've swum in crystal-clear waters, walked along pristine beaches, and soaked up the vibrant culture of the region. It was a paradise that seemed to stretch on forever, until the inevitable arrival of the hurricane season prompted us to bid farewell to the Caribbean. 

But, as luck would have it, we were treated to another spectacular summer, this time in the heart of Europe. From the picturesque towns of Austria and Germany to the stunning Italian Lago di Garda, our journey continued to unfold with each new horizon.

And now, our next chapter awaits. Waiting out the hurricane season, but already dreaming of smoother seas and setting sail once again. 🌀 ⏳⛵ 

We're setting our course asap for Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, and the Exumas, where azure waters and tropical delights beckon. 

The sea has become our constant companion, and the world our playground. Here's to the endless summers, the adventures yet to come, and the memories we'll cherish forever. 🌞⛵ #EndlessSummerAdventures

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