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12. September 2023
Life's most touching surprises often arrive when least expected. We're deeply thankful to Nautor's Swan for documenting our dream journey from Tuscany to the Caribbean in their magazine. 🌟💙 #UnexpectedJoy
24. Oktober 2021
The problem is you think you have time! I read this quote yesterday and it’s spent the last twenty four hours resonating within me. We all think we have time. We can go on that trip next year, we can tell that person we love them tomorrow, or maybe we can quit our jobs we don’t love and start doing what we do love… some day. This quote really made me think about my own life and how much am I really living, or am I falling into a pattern of just existing? Am I letting life happen to me, or...

06. September 2021
Drink and eat healthy - Hydrating a human body is the single most important thing for our survival. Buy local organic food to the greatest extent you can. Non processed and no factory farmed foods obviously. Learn to cook your own meals. As long as you rely on others to do it for you, you will be in no charge of what goes into your body. Do you really want to leave that important aspect up to someone else? Be selective - Regarding everything from food to choice of friends and partner....
31. Mai 2018
Hi there! We are off to Navagio, Zakynthos, Greece 🇬🇷 I believe that we often get sucket into our daily life business, forgetting that around us is a big, beautiful world full of fascinating and exciting things to discover each and every day. For me, travel is a reminder that there is always more to our world than what we see, which is the message I want to convey with my photography in order to animate other people to go out there and explore the world on their own. Want to hire me for...