If I were to point out some of the most important of all aspects in a human beings life which helps maintain some sense of freedom, this is what I’d find:

Drink and eat healthy - Hydrating a human body is the single most important thing for our survival.

Buy local organic food to the greatest extent you can. Non processed and no factory farmed foods obviously. Learn to cook your own meals. As long as you rely on others to do it for you, you will be in no charge of what goes into your body. Do you really want to leave that important aspect up to someone else?

Be selective - Regarding everything from food to choice of friends and partner. Understand your value: you are worth as much as anyone and everyone else and can make your own choices without having to justify or explain to anyone. Ask yourself: What is essential? Then eliminate the rest. Say no to events and activities of less value so you can give yourself fully to that what really matters.

Remove every sort of relationship/friendship that doesn't make you feel real good. The ones that makes your heart feel heavy and uncomfortable instead of uplifted. The ones that care more about themselves than others. The ones that pick on you or try to make you feel smaller only because of their own demons and insecurities. The ones that constantly talk shit about others because you know it, they'll do the same when you're not around. Learn to, and do not be afraid of demanding peace and harmony for your life. Drop people from your life who cannot stick to the truth and who don't prioritize honesty in the way you do. Say no to small people drama, you've got better things to do than be concerned for others who clearly need to work on themselves first. If you want to respect yourself and attract good people into your life, these are the choices you must make. But don't forget to live up to your ideals yourself, as well.

Follow your passion - What are your inner desires? Is there a possibility you can explore them, and not only dream about them? In most cases, it is the self that puts stop on fulfilling dreams, but only because you placed mental obstacles in your head. Stop doing that. Write down pros and cons with your current situation and another, more ideal situation. You might find that the good aspects of your current life overshadows the negative after all which in that case is great. Or, you could find out that a change is needed. Don’t be afraid of changes. They make you grow and you’ll find corners of life and yourself you've never discovered before. Email me if you have any doubt or if I can be of any help. I'm serious. We all deserve to do the things we've always dreamed of. Who knows how much time there is left. If you on the other hand are a homebody that prefer the comfort of the couch and a safe salary in the end of the month, don't be afraid to admitting it. Nothing wrong with that as long as you are ok with it and as long as you don't lie to yourself.

Stop stressing - Don't stress about all the things you should or should not do. Take your time. Your path is your path, no one else can ever know or feel what you are going through. Try and find peace in each process. It doesn't matter how long time it takes for you to accomplish/finish/initiate whatever it might be, it only matters that you know that you are on your way. Or that you are taking it easy for a while. I love the easy, reflective in-between moments, those are the times I gain perspective and can examine life and situations objectively.

Say no - You don't really need to do anything, no I'm serious. That is my standing point. These days, I only ever do the things that feels good and right, right then. I have nothing to prove to anyone. Whatever I want to do in life, I will do my best to achieve them one by one when time is right for each. Not going to rush it. It might be tempting to say yes to that offer or that event, just because it might lead to something later. Or because they pay well or whatever it might be. But if it's not truly what you want and not something that feels good in your stomach, why bother? I'm pretty good at avoiding such traps and as I get older I find security in knowing that when I am ready and fully prepared, I will do whatever it is I will be doing, but strictly my way.

Sleep well  - I prioritize this highly. Much above late nights and most sort of events. It's a good day that starts with feeling recharged. If you add a bit of stretching/yoga/exercise in the morning followed by a fiber and vitamin packed breakfast, that is a perfect start of each day, for me.

Spend less, enjoy real life more - Do you really need 25 pair of jeans and four TV's? Our society has made us believe we need so much of everything. Obsessive consumption is a sickness as much as alcoholism, although more expensive (hopefully). I see shopping as one of the great distractions in society. Constantly wanting and needing new products/gadgets/clothes distract people from really important things. It also makes you a slave to consumption and to the companies that only sell their products for profit, and not so much to make you happy. For each Euro you save on shopping, you can add that to your dream travel or dream project account. Spend the money on visiting friends or family. Or buy yourself freedom in the form of an apartment, other property, a car or why not a boat?