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19. September 2022
This Is How to Throw a Magical Indian Bollywood Themed Party… Off to an Indian themed “Bollywood Party “weekend with best friends from Germany! And as the name suggested, so was the decoration: magical. The venue was decorated beautifully with orange, pink and purple flowers and lights, and it did seem like a fairyland. We danced the night away, 100% FUN 🤩 #Vibrant colors #Indianculture #Bollywoodtheme #Indian #goodmood #tablecloths #embroidery #fairyland
11. September 2022
Our long passage to Menorca We got up at 4 am, and we set sail in direction Spain 🇪🇸 Menorca Island. (207 nautical miles/37 hours) Indeed we knew we would have encountered pretty windy conditions up to 29 knots of wind and high waves. In order to catch the south easterly wind, we sailed first south west. The wind increased after we passed the wind shelter of Sardegna. Perfect time to go downwind with our parasail. Easy sailing but after some hours the wind blow over 25kn. To reef the...